Its Electric! Tesla Model 3 on Air Suspension

Posted by Marshall Lum on

Tesla Model 3 on Airrex
Tesla Model 3 by AirREX Europe.  

The future of electric vehicles is here and when the Tesla Model 3 came out as a more affordable electric car, automotive enthusiast didn't waste anytime modifying these cars with aftermarket parts.

The newly released OdinSUS by Airrex Struts gives the Model 3 (AWD and 2WD) owners the best of both worlds, a low stance for looks while keeping the perfomance intact with the suspension. Bags for the front and rear are both high quality 2 ply double bellows bags. Dampers have a 12 way adjustable Compression x Rebound adjustment by turning a knob. Airrex is known for its firm performance ride quality that has be proven on the track. 



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