Prazis Exclusive Design Air Management System

At the heart of every air suspension system lies the Air Management system. There are many to choose from these days and we will only offer our customers product that we have tested ourselves. The Prazis Air Management System gets our approval as being a high quality easy to install system that most of all reliable. It has a ton of features that are similar to the other brands we offer, but this systems is the only system that has an auto tank drain system that drains the moisture from the tank after the compressor cycles off. 

Key Features

  • Prazis air management systems provides for an elegant look with simple easy installation.
  • 2 models to choose from called the 4 Way Control System (P4W) And the Stance Series (S4) 
  • Manifolds are made of billet aluminum with an integrated ECU and plug and play wiring.
  • Accurate pressure based system. 
  • 2 remote controllers. One main wired controller includes digital pressure 4 wheel and tank readings and one wireless  controller
  • 6 presets of ride height for main wired controller and wireless controller.
  • Auto rise feature (After starting the car, it will go up to memorized ride height)
  • Main controller uses scroll wheel instead of the normal button to adjust the pressure value more accurately.
  • Auto tank drain valve : After the compressor turns off, air tank will automatically drain moisture.
  • When the suspension is adjusting, the valve key which corresponding to the  wheel will follow the movement like a piano. (4 way control series only)
  • Color changing LED logo (Stance series only)
  • Compressor setup: Control the compressor(s) manually.
  • Installation simplified; No complicated wiring harness.
  • Low voltage adjustment.
  • Waterproof design