Level Ride Management System Pressure Based Only

Level Ride Air Suspension

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Level Ride Height plus pressure features 4 Ride setting , Air Out, Low , Ride and Lift which can also be voice controller , Ride height on start plus a back up button that works when vehicle is off also when Sleep mode is saved will take vehicle to Ride setting when pressed if 12.6 is available and enough air is in the tank, has brake monitor to prevent adjustments when braking or sitting in traffic on the brakes, built in Terrain sensing also will detect as little as 1” difference in uneven ground prevent cross jacking which makes a vehicle unstable, jump start and dead battery protection built in , Accuair settings of 3, 5 and 8% which are the most accurate of any system on the market , Accuair is the shoot to height accuracy when the car is started or a height setting is selected, Level Ride will continue to make fine adjustments to get you back within 1% of saved setting as you begin driving making it the most accurate and stable system on the market 

WiFi registration Is done on the controller when connected to your WiFi and uploaded to our server via The controller, calibration is also logged and saved on our server, this way we know you have fitted your system successfully, logs can also be sent if your needing assistance after its been calibrated , Level Ride also works on fast speed valves by changing the setting on the setup page